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Powershell Scripts

Locations and Settings

AD User Creator

This section covers the following section on the script: #Transcript Settings $TSPath = "C:\adu...

Remote Access Policy

KS Policies Staff Policies

KS currently does not provide access it servers for users who buy our services. But arrangements ...

E-Mail Acceptable Usage Policy

KS Policies User/Staff Policies

Policy Information  Name KS EMail Acceptable Usage Policy Owner KSCloud/KS Corporat...

E-Mail Whitelisting

KSCloud Support E-Mail

Some email servers may require the KS Relay to whitelisted, we send from the following range: 51...

Web Server Infomation

KSCloud Support Web Servers

What is ksID?

KSCloud Support ksID

lol rip

How Do I Sign up?

KSCloud Support Brief

Access to the KS Cloud is currently invite only. Please e-mail to see if t...

KS Service Agreement

KS Policies Network Policies

KS SERVICE AGREEMENTThe following statements are a agreement of what is expected of the customer ...

Acceptable Usage

KS Policies Network Policies

ACCEPTABLE USAGE POLICY (AUP)The following statements cover all products and services offered by ...

Network Status

KSCloud Support Brief

You can find information about your status here: You can also vi...


KSCloud Support Brief

This book contains all the public documentation about the KS Network.

Editing the base command

AD User Creator

This is what it looks like normally: new-ADUser -name $_."Username" -givenname $_."FirstName" -s...


AD User Creator

-base This runs the part what creates the applications in Active Directory -office365connect T...

KS Services


AD User Creator

AD User Creator Help Changelog: V1.0.1.1 - Fixed issue with creating folder permissions for home...

User/Staff Policies

KS Policies

Staff Policies

KS Policies

Network Policies

KS Policies

These policies all apply to the users of the KS Network and Staff of KS. The policies are written...


KSCloud Support


KSCloud Support

Web Servers

KSCloud Support


KSCloud Support

KS Policies

Policies for KS Services and Staff

KSCloud Support

AD User Creator

Information Security Policy

KS Policies Staff Policies

Name KS Information Access Policy Owner KS Corporate/KS IT/KS InfoSec Issue Dat...

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