Setting Up FSRM Script


  • A Windows-based File Server with FSRM (File Server Resource Manager) installed.
  • An e-mail account configured in FSRM (optional)


Step 1) Make sure you have downloaded the two scripts from GitHub.

  • setup.ps1
  • FSRM-Script.ps1

Step 2) Copy the scripts to a location of your choice on the server.

Step 3) Run setup.ps1 on the server using an elevated PowerShell command line.


The output from the command line should look similar to the screenshot below:


After running the Setup.ps1 powershell script, you should see a "Malware Files" group in FSRM.

After completing the setup process using the PowerShell script, we now need to create the scheduled task on the server to automatically update the FSRM group.

Step 4) Open the Task Scheduler on your server. Then create a new task to run when ever you want. The script requires permission to update the FSRM group, so make sure your service account has permission to do this.

To run the script from the task please use:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass C:\FSRM-Script\FSRMCryptoUpdater.ps1


Step 5) You should be good to do.

Resources used by this script:


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